"Synecdoche" total view NOV20 by HElena Valsecchi
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Synecdoche“, an art project born within RAMA Art Residency, Portugal, was originated by the feeling of a connection between two apparently distant but actually very close universes. That same feeling of connection ends up being the very essence and content of the project.

The project involves an artistic reflection on the manifestations of sacred. The feeling of the sacred makes us feel part of something greater, it is a constant in the history of humanity. It has acquired and acquires multiple forms depending on the historical moment, culture and individual, and by doing so it has been connecting apparently different and far realities. In this artwork, I have been creating conceptual and formal connections, maintaining its unity in its fragmentation.

Synecdoche” is at the same time complete and incomplete, made up of various interdependent but at the same time independent artworks, destined to spread through different destinations, therefore devoted to fragmentation, but at the same time able to maintain its unity, guaranteed by the “virtual” existence of the artwork on this website.  It’s a work in progress, programmatically neither finished nor terminable.

In this time of social isolation, the artwork has evolved towards a will of creating human connections, in response to a need to go beyond the physical boundaries of which we are and feel prisoners in this historical moment. It appeals to the ability, proper to the human being, to overcome these limits and to create and strengthen bonds beyond distance and beyond time.

The diffusion of the artwork is part of the artwork itself, to be shared in a broader relational context: each participant will become part of the artwork.

Synecdoche” thus becomes a collective artwork, beyond any geographical, social or temporal limit.


  • Participate with a short text related to your feeling of the sacred. It can be a sentence, a music, a text, a reflection, a concept, the description of a place or a moment in which you have felt or feel that you are part of a greater whole. Choose a drawing in which you would like this content to be published.
    You can send your contribution either by e-mail to valsecchi.helena@gmail.com, or write it as a comment on the drawing you have chosen on my Instagram page helena.valsecchi. You can write in any language, I’ll publish both your original text and a translation into English. The email shall contain your text, the chosen drawing, your Country and city and your name/pseudonym.
  • Share this project with all the persons you feel might be sensitive to this subject.
  • Buy a drawing. Prices for each single drawing are deliberately lower than the art market, to encourage purchase and participation. 10% of the earnings coming from this project will be donated to Associação Coração Amarelo, to contribute to their commitment in the fight against social isolation and loneliness.

The expansion of the work will be monitored in the map on this website, and each artwork description will bear all the text contributions linked to it, and the indication of place and name or pseudonym of its present owner.

In the web pages dedicated to “Synecdoche” project it is possible to accompany the evolution of the work over time, its constant change, due either to the publication of new content, either to the addition of new drawings, or their departure for other places.

  • To explore the project, please navigate the menu up right or visit the last full version of the artwork. Click on one or more “parts” to see each drawing’s details.