"Synecdoche" total view NOV20 by HElena Valsecchi
"Synecdoche". Watercolor on paper. Variable dimensions. Started: Oct 2020. Always in progress.

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Synecdoche“, an art project born within RAMA Art Residency, Portugal, was originated by the feeling of a connection between two apparently distant but actually very close universes. That same feeling of connection ends up being the very essence and content of the project.

The project involves an artistic reflection on the manifestations of the sacred, being the feeling of the sacred a unifying constant in the history of humanity.

In this artwork, I have been creating conceptual and formal connections, maintaining its unity in its fragmentation.

Synecdoche” is at the same time complete and incomplete, made up of various interdependent but at the same time independent artworks, destined to spread through different destinations, therefore devoted to fragmentation, but at the same time able to maintain its unity, guaranteed by its “virtual” existence on this website.  It’s a work in progress, programmatically neither finished nor terminable.

In this time of social isolation, the artwork has evolved towards a will of creating human connections, in response to a need to go beyond the physical boundaries of which we are and feel prisoners in this historical moment. It appeals to the ability, proper to the human being, to overcome these limits and to create and strengthen bonds beyond distance and beyond time.

The diffusion of the artwork is part of the artwork itself, to be shared in a broader relational context: each participant will become part of the artwork.

Synecdoche” thus becomes a collective artwork, beyond any geographical, social or temporal limit.