Synecdoche” is centered on the feeling of sacred, intended from a universal perspective – not necessarily linked to religion.

This project aims at being a collective artwork.

If interested in participating, please e-mail me at, I’ll send you all the information.

Participation is free, of course.



A talk about my work and experience at RAMA – Art Residency in Maceira and Alfeiria, Portugal.

Filmed by artist and RAMA’s coordinator Paulo Brighenti.

October-November 2020: Art Residency at RAMA.

"Through a reflection on painting in a broader perspective, including pictorial installation and, in it, physical phenomena such as shadows and reflections, I’m investigating the dimensions of life / death / sacred / memory through the rhetoric of the double, and their experience in the contemporary context. During my residency at RAMA, I intend to deepen these aspects in the local dimension, through a specific research on the region’s museology and history. "

Advisory and Projects at RAMA Art Residencies

Sept 2020: Joned RAMA Art Residencies Staff

RAMA – Artistic Residency, located in the small villages of Maceira and Alfeiria, in the municipality of Torres Vedras, west part of Portugal, was founded in 2020 and is aimed at national and international artists, researchers and curators who want to develop their research and experimentation work in multidisciplinary areas, crossing contemporary art with science, education and territory. RAMA organizes artistic residencies, workshops, exhibitions, lectures and outdoor activities, promoting interaction between artists and audiences interested in learning, experimenting and sharing, fostering the relationship with the local community, culture, crafts and traditional knowledge, history and the rural landscape, deepening the knowledge of the region.