"Vidas" (2012-2018)


If interested please contact me at info [@] elenavalsecchi.com or suono.orfico [@] gmail . com

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas. / Olio su tela / Óleo s/ tela

100 x 70 x 2 cm / 39.37" x 27.56" x 0.79"


Signed on back

This painting is on a wrapped canvas with finished edges. It is framed. You can see the framed painting's picture at the end of this page.

 This artwork was started in 2012 and finished only in 2018.

There is not a rational or intellectual thought behind it: it was originated by a dream I had. I just felt the need of painting it.

For this reason, there is not a real reference to my other paintings, despite it was a  base to some other artworks I did after the start of this one.

I couldn't finish it at that time, so the painting has been laying in my studio or traveling from one place to another for some time.

I finally finished it between 2017 and 2018.

Some of the characters are inspired to paintings by artists I appreciate (find them!), so it ended up to be a study of their way to work the body vs mine.

I think this artwork fulfills some of my targets in painting:

[positive or negative] emotion


artistic references

possibility of being "read" at different cultural levels.