"Punta Sirena"


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Original Painting - "Punta Sirena" 70x90 cm - Year: 2014

Please note: this painting is owned by Hotel Punta Sirena. I can provide giglée prints or make an original remake painting. Please contact me for more information (e-mail: info (@) elenavalsecchi (dot) com or on my facebook page).

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

This works is part of my 2014 "TravelWithArt" project tour, during which I have been travelling through Chile, Argentina and Peru exchanging art for stays, this way originating "spontaneous art residencies" during which not only an original artwork was create on site, but also exchanges about art and everyday life took place.

It was done for the owners of  Hotel Punta Sirena in Curanipe, Chile.

The beautiful area of Curanipe joins wild ocean, big waves, strong wind and a rich, extended countryside. This is the way I decided to represent this magnificent chilean area's characteristics.