"Next stop...?"


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Original Painting - "Next stop...?" 70x90 cm - Year: 2016

Painting: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas.

This works is part of my "Attese" series.
In this series, isolated characters closed in themselves and in grey worlds created by man (underground, health center, stations), ignore the invasion-presence-salvation by Nature, which takes back what was stolen from it and at the same time offers the most real solutions: return to it.
This painting in inspired to Berlin's subway.
The purpose of this painting it to remind the importance of getting back to nature to find our true self.


Important note about shipping: in order to assure a safe delivery of the painting and due to its dimensions, only the rolled canvas, without stretchers, will be shipped, inside a solid cardboard tube. Once you receive the painting it is recommended you to contact a local framing service or art dealer to make 70x90cm stretchers and stretch the painting on.