"O Urso"

"O Urso" by Elena Valsecchi

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"O Urso" (2016)

Original Painting: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas. / Olio e acrilico su tela / Óleo e acrílico s/ tela

70 x 70 x 1,5 cm / 27.56" x 27.56" x 0.59"


Signed on front and back


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Important note about shipping: in order to assure a safe delivery of the painting and due to its dimensions, only the rolled canvas will be shipped, without stretchers, inside a solid cardboard tube. Once you receive the painting it is recommended you to contact a local framing service or art dealer to make 70x70cm / 27.56"x27.56" stretchers and stretch the painting on. If you prefer to have it mounted, please send me an e-mail and I will send you the cost and instructions. 

This painting is part of "Life is a Circus" series as is the painting "La Foca". You can also buy both paintings (check the mock-up image at the end of the page) for 1150€ (shipped mounted on stretchers) or 1050€ (shipped rolled).

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Circus. Life.
Some can choose, some can’t.
Animals forced by man to imitate human forms.
Human beings twisted into animals’ shapes that mimic human forms.
Thousands of individuals form unity, the unity explodes into thousands of individuals.
Multiple imbalances create, together, a balance.
The nouveau cirque. The old circus.
We used to smile: unsuspecting, happy, surprised.
An elephant balancing on the ball.
A bear in a skirt, on a bike.
That’s us.
Do we (still) smile?


Il Circo. La vita.
C’è chi sceglie e chi no.
Animali costretti dall’uomo a imitare forme umane.
Esseri umani contorti in forma di animali che imitano forme umane.
Migliaia d’individui formano l’unità, l’unità esplode in migliaia di individui.
Molteplici squilibri creano, insieme, equilibrio.
Il nouveau cirque. Il vecchio circo.
Sorridevamo: ignari, felici, sorpresi.
L’elefante in bilico sulla palla.
L’orso in gonnella su una bicicletta.
Siamo noi.


O circo. A vida.
Há quem escolhe e quem não.
Animais obrigados pelo homem a imitar formas humanas.
Seres humanos contorcidos em molde de animais que imitam formas humanas.
Milhares de indivíduos formam uma unidade, a unidade espalha-se em milhares de indivíduos.
Vários desequilíbrios criam, em conjunto, um equilíbrio.
O cirque nouveau. O velho circo.
Sorríamos: esquecidos, felizes, surpreendidos.
Um elefante a equilibrar na bola.
Um urso de saia, de bicicleta.
Somos nós.

----El circo. La vida.
Algunos pueden elegir, otros no.
Animales forzados por el hombre para imitar formas humanas.
Seres humanos retorcidos en formas de animales que imitan formas humanas.
Miles de individuos forman la unidad, la unidad explote en miles de individuos.
Múltiples desequilibrios crean, juntos, un equilibrio.
El nuevo circo. El circo antiguo.
Sonreíamos: ignorantes, felices, sorprendidos.
Un elefante en equilibrio sobre la pelota.
Un oso con falda, en bicicleta.
Somos nosotros.


Le cirque. La vie.
Certains peuvent choisir, autres pas.
Animaux forcés par l’homme à imiter des formes humaines.
Êtres humains tordus dans les formes d’animaux qui imitent des formes humaines.
Des milliers de personnes forment l’unité, l’unité explode en milliers de personnes.
Multiples déséquilibres créent, tous joints, un équilibre.
Le nouveau cirque. Le vieux cirque.
On souriait: oublieux, heureux, surpris.
Un éléphant en équilibre sur le ballon.
Un ours en jupe, sur un vélo.
C’est nous.
Sourions-nous ?



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1150€ -  BUY NOW "LA FOCA" + "O URSO" (mounted on stretchers, ready to hang)

1050€ -  BUY NOW "LA FOCA" + "O URSO" (rolled canvases)