Akira Zakamoto about "Contorte Attese", 22/6/2016

"Elena Valsecchi presents some interesting artworks showing couples and groups of people thinking distractingly while travelling on public transport.
The sad and repetitive landscape of the habit's non-place is replaced, in Valsecchi's paintings, by a luxuriant nature that breaks the sheet metal and seizes the trains, bringing a breath of life into the otherwise aseptic and deadly environment.

What is disturbing in these subjects is Nature itself, lived as parent and a harvester, a nature with a negative connotation as it manifests in the urban environment; the mental image of the subway is, and must remain, ugly: beautifying the subway, making it more natural, means to absurdly distort it.

We are surrounded by ugly things that reassure us.
Anarchist and luddistic nature frightens us more than the aseptic brutality of the gray medium that transports us from station to station. A Mechanical Caron gives us the routinal hypnotic and recursive rhythm, while the beauty of nature disturbs us.

"Lord, have pity on the last of your children. Open me a hiding place out of nature."
Elena Valsecchi sings the immortality of nature, her being always and forever, eating her asphalt with the roots of the trees, the destructive and generating force that nourishes the universe for the eternity.
The discomfort that the spectator feels is the discomfort of being on this earth, the awareness that nature sooner or later will take him back. "












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