Original Painting - "L'equilibrista" 200x40 cm - Year: 2016 - SOLD

Please note: this painting is now owned by Glo'Art International Art Centre in Lanaken, Belgium. If you are interested in it, please get in contact with the centre.

Painting: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas.

This works, made for Glo'Art,is in general about the balancing each person has to fight for when in front of a change or a challenge.

Each object symbolizes a feeling contrasting with another one: fear (oystrich), strength (elephant), courage (stairs), fragility (glass), comfort (armchair), change (door), possibility (egg), stability (stone)…

It also represents, more specifically, the situation of an expatriate living in Portugal: the elephant represents strength, but also Portugal for its past as a colonist country, and the cage represents our mental prisons but is also a typical object in Portugal, hanging outside many houses as a decoration.