Elena Valsecchi's pictorial research focuses on human and social dynamics, elaborated by using metaphors and chromatic experimentalism.

Apparently dreamy or childish imaginaries hide a deeper reflection on the way we live. Her works consist mainly in portraits of the human soul and its critical issues, with the aim of finding a hope or answer.

Mostly self-taught, she has enriched her research through the contributions of: Andrea Varisco (painter, Italy), Sofia Freire D'Andrade (multidisciplinary artist, Portugal), Matias Montero Lacasa (painter, Argentina), Susana Dias (painter, Portugal).

 Her paintings are part of private collections in Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium, Chili, Peru, Argentina.

 Born in Italy, she is currently living and working in a lovely countryside village near Lisbon, Portugal.



exhibitions / projects:

- Mar. 2018: Collective exhibition "8", Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisbon, Portugal

- Jan.- Feb. 2018: Collective exhibit "Cala-te, Mulher!", Malaposta Cultural Centre, Odivelas, Portugal

- Sep. 2017: "Mudanças d 'Alma", Exhibit with Filípa Silveira, Galeria Beltrão Coelho, Lisbon, Portugal

- Aug. 2017: Collective exhibition "Alcarte", Alcochete, Portugal

- Jun 2017: "Honorable mention" at the "Bienal de Artes Plásticas de S. Catarina", Leiria, Portugal

- May-Jun 2017: Personal exhibit, "Real Abadia Hotel", Alcobaça, Portugal

- Apr. 2017: Solo Exhibition at Municipality of Cadaval, Portugal.

- Mar 2017: "Aequilibria" . Exhibit with the photographer Gonçalo Cunha de Sá, Centro de Documentação da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

- Dec. 2016: "Contorte Attese" Solo Exhibition. Banco Popolare. Novara, Italy

- Nov. 2016: "Contorções" Solo Exhibition - Lisbon Yoga Festival. Lisbon. Portugal

- Sep. - Oct. 2016: "Ciò che resta" artwork selected for VerdiOFF exhibit, related to the "Verdi Festival" at Teatro Regio - Parma, Italy

- Jul. 2016: Paratissima Lisboa.

- Jun. 2016: Açores Fringe Festival - Collective Exhibition. Madalena, Açores, Portugal.

- Jun. 2016: "Contorte Attese" Solo Exhibition at Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisbon, Portugal.

- Apr. 2016: Granted Art Residency at Glo'Art Art Centre in Lanaken, Belgium.

- Jun. 2015: Collective Exhibition. Azores Fringe Festival. Madalena, Açores, Portugal.

- Feb. 2015: "Vento diatonico" - Mural painting for Madalena's "Public Art Route". Açores, Portugal.

- Feb. 2015: "Tonalidades", art residency. Live performance. Museu do Pico, Açores, Portugal.

- Jan. - mar. 2014: Travelwithart. Art exchange through Chile, Argentina and Peru.

- Dec. 2013: de 5 a 50: collective exhibition. Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal.